Vaping Dictionary

401, 510, 801, 901 – Common threading types for attaching toppers to batteries/PVs/APVs, 510 being the most common.

Airflow controller – The part of you vaping device which controls the amount of air that flows through when you inhale.

Amps – An ampere, commonly referred to as amps or amp, is a unit of electrical current. The higher the amps, the higher the battery’s power output.

APV – Advanced Personal Vaporiser. This is the name given to the most sophisticated vaping devices and are normally more powerful. APV’s have adjustable settings allowing you to change the airflow and the VW level (voltage and wattage), giving you more control over your vaping experience.

Atomiser – The most important part of the vaping device. The atomiser uses heat to make the e-liquid into fine vapour droplets which can be inhaled.

Battery Cut-off – This is an automatic safety feature that causes the battery in a vaping device to cut off after a fixed period of time, normally 10 seconds. This prevents the device accidentally getting left on for too long, or the coils getting overheated which can give a burnt taste when vaping.

BCC – Bottom Coil Clearomizer (such as Kanger Protank, Mini Protank, EVOD, MT3, T3S, etc.). The atomizer coil sits at the bottom of the clearomizer tank.

Box Mod – An abbreviation for box modular. This is a type of APV, so named as the device is literally the shape of a rectangular box, with a mouthpiece sticking out of the top.

Cartomizer – A single disposable cartridge which contains both an atomiser and the e-liquid.

Cisco, Cisco Spec Atty, Cisco Spec Atomizer – Cisco is the owner of Avid Vaper, and something of an atomizer guru. Cisco designed an original specification for atomizer coils and was the first producer of what are popularly considered to be the best dripping atomizers made. This is now commonly used to refer to atomizers built to his original atomizer specification, which really most are not, as he will not reveal what kind of wire he uses in his atomizers (he has stated publicly that it is neither NiChrome or Kanthal, but something that he gets from Germany and removes the labels from before sending it to the factories so that his atomizers cannot be cloned).

Clearomizer – A clear tank that holds the e-liquid in an open system vaping device. Under the new Tobacco Products Directive law, clearomizers can only hold a maximum of 2ml of e-liquid.

Cloud, Clouds, Blowing Clouds, Cloud Chasing – The vapor that is exhaled when smoking electronic cigarettes. Generally referred to clouds when very dense due to the high water content in the exhaled vapor.

Coil & Wick – This method usually uses a length of vaping grade wire which is wrapped in a hollow spring type shape with cotton inserted in the middle, the ends of the cotton come into contact with the e-liquid. When the power button is pressed on the vaping device the coil heats up the e-liquid soaked in the cotton and this vaporises whilst you inhale.

Concentration – Normally used when describing how much nicotine is in an e-liquid.
Deck – The flat base area where the positive and negative posts sit on an RBA/RDA, which is designed to keep e-juice off of the battery connection. Some have a small raised lip on the outside edge to prevent e-juice from running down off of the deck.

DIY – Do it yourself. Commonly used to refer to making your own e-juice.

Dripping / Dripper – Whene-liquid is dripped directly onto the heating element of a ‘dripper’ tank.

Dry Hit – This usually happens when there is no e-liquid left in your device to vaporise or you vape too much and the e-liquid cannot soak the cotton on the coil quick enough. What happens is the wick is dry and so it gets burnt, this makes the vapour taste unpleasant. A Dry Hit can also occur if the airflow isn’t open enough or the power is higher that the coil can handle. Many coil cartridges have the power range etched on them.

E-liquid – The liquids you put into your device in order to vape. The ingredients used should always be pharmaceutical grade and normally consist of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), nicotine and flavouring. Colouring of e-liquid is no longer allowed under the new TPD.

Ekowool – A specific brand of braided silica used to make wicks for rebuildables.

Fuse – A specially designed fuse for use in mechanical mods to prevent some types of battery failure.

Generation – In vaping devices, ‘generation’ has the same meaning as the word ‘version’.

Genesis Style Atomizer, Genesis Atty, Gen Atty – A type of rebuildable atomizer that sits on top of a tank (usually glass), with one or more holes in the deck leading into the tank.

Glassomizer – A clearomizer that uses glass rather than plastic for the tank. Examples would be the Kanger Protank, Protank Mini, or the AnyVape Davide (a Protank 2 clone).

Hybrid, Hybrid PV, Hybrid Mod – A combined topper and battery holder (many of these are Mechanical) designed to fit together as one seamless unit.

ISO 9001:2008 – This is a strict specification of quality management standards from the International Organization for Standardization, a network of national standards institutes from 163 countries.

Juice – Another name for e-liquid.

Juice Well – A largish cup like part of an RBA that is somewhere between a lip machined on the deck and a full tank.

Kanthal, Kanthal A1 – Kanthal is a specific brand of resistance wire that is used in building coils for electronic cigarettes, usually sold for Rebuildables. Kanthal A1 is a specific grade of Kanthal wire which is considered by many to be the best wire for use in coils.

Kick – A special circuit used in mechanical PV’s or some APV’s that provides the ability to vary wattage output on the device. The kick is inserted on top of the battery.

Lithium-Ion – The type of rechargeable battery which is used in all vaping devices.

mAh – You will see the acronym ‘mAh’ in the description of batteries. It stands for ‘milliamp hour’, and it’s a measure of battery charge capacity.

LR or LR Atty – A low resistance atomizer, typically below 2.0 ohms.

Mechanical Mod, Mech Mod, Mech PV, Mech – An electronic cigarette that (traditionally) does not have any electronics or wiring (some “mechs” do have wires), it is just a metal tube with a mechanical switch that holds a battery and a connector for a topper of some sort.

Micro coil – A type of wire coil where the coil is wrapped so that the loops of the coil are all touching, requiring more wraps than a traditional coil.

Mod – Short for modification. This originally referred to modifying a flashlight or a battery to be used in vaping, but is now commonly used to refer to any vaping device that is not a cigalike.

Nicotine – Nicotine occurs naturally in several varieties of plant, but is found at the highest level in the tobacco plant.

Ohms – A unit measuring electrical resistance. In vaping, measurements of resistance normally relate to the heating coil in the atomiser. The lower the resistance, the hotter the coil can get.

Pass-though, PT – An alternate way of powering an electronic cigarette where the unit is connected directly to a power source other than a battery, and can be used while charging. Some pass-throughs do not have batteries at all.

PCC – Personal Charging Case. Generally, only used with cigalikes.

Pharmaceutical Grade – A term used to describe an ingredient which is 99% pure.

Propylene Glycol (PG) – One of the essential ingredients of e-liquid. It’s colourless, clear and nearly odourless. It’s ‘Generally recognised as safe’ (GRAS) according to the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Puff activation – Some e-cigarettes are activated by pressing the power button. Others are ‘puff activated’, which means they’re activated by you actually taking a draw on them.

RBA – Rebuildable Atomizer (user serviceable parts). Generally referred to as an RBA when it has a tank or large juice well that does not require dripping of liquid directly onto the coil.

RDA – Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer.

Resistance – This refers to how much electrical current the heating coil of a vaping atomiser will allow to pass. It is measured in ohms. The lower the resistance, the hotter the coil can get.

Ribbon Kanthal, Ribbon Wire, Ribbon – A specific type of resistance “wire” used for building coils. Ribbon wire has a flat cross section rather than round, as with traditional wire.

Silica – Material used for building wicks. This is generally used to refer to braided silica cord. Silica has a very high melting point, so can be cleaned with an open flame such as a butane torch.

SMOKIN’ SAUCE – Slang term and cooler name for e-liquid!

Tank – The part of a topper that holds the e-juice.

Temperature Control – Allows you to increase or decrease the heat which passes through the coil. Too much heat and you can suffer dry-hits.

Throat Hit (sometimes seen as TH) – The sensation on the back of the throat akin to what is felt when smoking a traditional cigarette.

Topper – A device that goes on top of an electronic cigarette battery/battery holder (Atomizers, Cartomizers, Clearomizers, RBAs RDAs, etc.).

Topping or Topping Off – Refilling a cartridge or tank with e-juice.

Tube Mod – Short for ‘tube modular’. This is a kind of APV, so named as the device is literally in the shape of a tube, with a mouthpiece at the top.

Vape, Vaping – The act of using an electronic cigarette. The digital equivalent of smoking.

Vaper – Someone who uses an electronic cigarette or APV.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) – One of the essential ingredients of e-liquid. It’s colourless, clear and normally odourless. The more VG in your e-liquid, the larger the vapour cloud.

Wattage – A measure of the rate at which electrical energy is used by any electrical product.

Wick – Wicks are used to deliver e-juice to the coil in electronic cigarettes. Most atomizers use a wick of some sort. Most commonly made from silica cord, wick can also be made from rolled up steel mesh, ceramic, fiberglass, cotton, or a host of other materials.

Wire – Generally refers to resistance wire used in building coils for atomizers.