Help With Common Problems


  • Your device not being tighten properly.
  • Is your coil cartridge too tight?
  • Have you just filled up a warm tank with cold e-liquid?
  • Is your tank being overfilled?
  • Another common culprit is the possibility of having cracked your tank, which will mean it’s time for a new one.

Not Enough Throat Hit

  • PG is the element of the e-liquid that gives a great hit, and if you’re not satisfied, you may need more PG in your juice. Check the PG/ VG ratio. If you’re certain it’s not the liquid, it may be time to upgrade to a more advanced device.

Not Enough Vapour

  • You may need an e-liquid with a higher concentration of VG. VG produces the clouds, but don’t go too high on VG as it makes the e-liquid thicker!

Not Enough Flavour

  • There are thousands of different e-liquid flavours. However, if you think it’s an actual issue with your device, blow on your cartomizer. This can work to get the liquid flowing. If that doesn’t work, consider that you may have Vaper’s Tongue, a term used when you vape the same flavoured e-liquid over and over for a long time. Tip: Drink LOTS of water.

Burnt Taste

  • Occurs commonly when you vape right after filling the tank. Let the wick soak a bit, then see how it performs, should be better.
  • Occurs when you vape continuously and the juice isn’t soaking into the cotton fast enough.
  • Occurs when you need to replace your coil!

Battery Keeps Cutting Off/Not Working

  • Is there enough charge in the battery, do you have a weak battery warning on your mod?
  • Are you charging the batteries correctly and for long enough?
  • Use an external charger for best results and not via the usb cord if your mod has removable batteries. The usb cable should only be used for updating your firmware if you have a larger mod.
  • Is the battery casing cracked or torn, if so REPLACE THE BATTERY IMMEDIATELY!

Hearing Things

  • If your device is making gurgling sounds, you’ve probably overfilled your tank or have too much liquid in the atomizer. This problem can be fixed easily by removing some of the excess juice and cleaning out the atty.
  • The power maybe too low for the coil, crank it up a bit.